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Jan 23rd 2017

Dear Fellow Alchemists


I sincerely apologize for this, but due to some last minute cancellations, scheduling difficulties, 

and the fact that our fearless Co-Founder, Laszlo, cannot attend tonight, I must move to postpone 

tonight's meeting of the Guild into February. 


Unfortunately, we just won't have the numbers to make a trip out to the Institute tonight viable for everyone. 


My son is due on the 14th of February so it'll be an interesting and exciting coming month for me, but 

I'd like to arrange this meeting to take place on the new date of:

Monday, February 13th

(Time and Location TBD)


Pending the arrival of the boy and the availability of other members, this can be our

tentative date for reschedule. 



Also, let me know if this new date will work for you!




Because of the last minute circumstances of this postponement, I would like to send my apologies and 

leave you with a bit of consolation. I am arranging the bio page for the Guild website. If you are interested 

in having your practice advertised, please send me the following:


Name and letter credentials (ex: Zane Wheeler, CCHt, CH)

Name of practice

Tagline (if available)

Website Address

Phone Number

3-5 Specialties

Current Physical Address of Practice

Short Personal Bio (5-7 Sentence paragraph)

Best Email to Receive Client Inquiries

Attach a Personal Headshot and Logo .Jpeg


(Please reply with any questions)




There is a calling for this Guild that rises deep from the ether. It is an organization that I will continue to spearhead 

because I see its true value in the lives of its members and future clients of their respective practices. 

Alchemy will breathe its breath of life in the world; this is only the beginning. 


I feel as though, despite my efforts, we have had some hang-ups in gaining traction, but I've learned to accept 

the things I cannot control and I truly believe that if we can transcend these minor scheduling malfunctions, 

we can truly make this thing what it deserves to be: a thriving conclave of Alchemists and healers whose 

sum outshines the brilliant parts from which it is made. And come March 1st of this year, I will be 

able to host all meetings in my new office in downtown Santa Rosa! 


The world needs healing, now more than ever, and we are the ones who can remind it of its healing capacity. 

The public wants to be initiated, and we are the ones who've been called to educate the profane. 


Let us live in the light of love and community, forever striving to make our voices known. Follow me 

along this path and we can truly make this Guild what it deserves to be. 


I thank you for your commitment thus far. 


Alchimia et invictum spiritus, mentes nostras, et corda flamma pariter

  Let the indomitable spirit of Alchemy keep our minds abreast and our hearts aflame 


January 8 2017

Dear Fellow Alchemists!


We have decided on a place and time for our January meeting! 

Please join us either in person or over the net on:

Monday, January 23rd from 7 - 8:30pm

at The Alchemy Institute in Santa Rosa


I've heard from a few of you who have rsvp'd so if I've responded to you already, you're on the list. 

Those of you who haven't reached out yet, please do! We want as many in attendance as possible! 


If you'd like to be Skyped or Zoomed in, please let me know asap so we can make arrangements. 

So far, I have a few out-of-towners who've responded.


This meeting will cover:

Guild Policy Updates

Personal Practice Check-in

Marketing Strategies (new technology!)

New Protocol Forum (time permitting)


Be prepared to let us in a bit on how your practice is going and please feel free to bring any 

questions you may have about marketing, working with clients, etc, and something to take notes on.

I hope to see you all there!

Alchimia et invictum spiritus, mentes nostras, et corda flamma pariter

Let the indomitable spirit of Alchemy keep our minds abreast and our hearts aflame

December 4 2016

Hello Fellow Alchemists!


The Next Official Meeting of the Guild Will Be:

January 2017! 

(exact date and time TBA)



But here's just in: 

A large part of the CGA is focused upon the promotion 

of individual members' private practices. Therefore, I write to you

today to relay an exciting opportunity to do just that:


Your Teacher and the Creator of Alchemical Hypnosis, David

Quigley, has offered his alumni a chance to join him on an

upcoming radio advertisement campaign with: 


Sonoma County's Adult Contemporary Station KZST!

(Along with 2 other affiliated stations!)


His intention is to launch a campaign that will promote both the Alchemy 

Institute and a select few of his graduates each month. It will be a cost-

sharing arrangement so the more of us that are interested, the cheaper

the ad space will be on Sonoma County's premier radio station! 


Your voice, your specialty, and testimonials of your

successes with clients is a story that needs to be told! 

This ad will reach a broad spectrum of Sonoma County's

population. We've always known that everyone needs

Alchemy, but our job is to help them understand that.


Don't let this opportunity pass you by!


We're estimating an affordable deal for a

grouping of ads to play many times in one month, starting

in January and running all through 2017! You can participate for as

many or as few months as you'd like. 


Alchimia et invictum spiritus, mentes nostras, et corda flamma pariter

Let the indomitable spirit of Alchemy keep our minds abreast and our hearts aflame





July 12 2016

Next Meeting to Take Place When Our Co-Funder Laszlo Returns From Abroad!

Please DO NOT Hesitate to Apply for the CGA!

(Request at Bottom of Page)



June 11 2016

Dear fellow Alchemists!

We invite you to take part in the second meeting of the 

on Monday, the 20th of June @ 12pm


Exact Location TBA in Santa Rosa, CA

We established the Guild to unify our ever-growing community of skilled and specialized Alchemical practitioners. 

Our vision is to create a circle where we can share ideas, develop new protocols, sharpen

our pitches and generally support each other in our work as Alchemists.

Please let us know if you would like to attend by sending us an email


And, for all prospective members, please submit an email below to request an application

Please download, print, fill out, and bring it with you to the meeting, 

or, if you wont be able to make it, write us back and we'll let you know where to mail it. 


Thanks! We hope to see you there, 

Zane and Laszlo, Co-Founders

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