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Together we represent a small collection of Alchemical Hypnotherapy Practitioners located around northern California. Our Guild is our bond. Within it we are each afforded the freedom of specializing in different aspects of Alchemical work.

Our mission is to bring the healing powers of Alchemy to the world. Our guild's members believe that we can make a difference in our community by channeling Alchemy healing to our clients - healing our world client by client. 

We work separately but we learn together. In our monthly meetings we focus on enhancing our capabilities and developing new techniques. Below is a short video regarding modern Alchemica and a synopsis of the work.

The Alchemical method is safe, efficient, and will rapidly grow to be seen as one of the most effective forms of self-actualization therapies available anywhere. A big claim, we know, but the results speak for themselves.

Following is a short, straight-forward description of the work. Enjoy.

The Alchemical Hypnosis Session:

An Alchemical Hypnotherapy session consists of a Client interview conducted by the Therapist to determine the nature of the Client's problem or the reason for which they have sought hypnosis therapy. After the Therapist and the Client have established a foundation of rapport through honest, open, human interaction, the Client is asked to lay or sit in a comfortable position from which they can receive a hypnotic induction. At this point, the therapy session begins. The Therapist guides the Client with hypnotic language into a deep state of relaxation akin to a meditation. The Client is conscious at all times, but because their eyes are closed and their inhibitions and worries removed, they are able to observe the quiet inner- workings of their subconscious mind. From this vantage point they are guided by the Therapist to discover aspects of themselves of which they were previously unaware. Root emotional causes of disease, dysfunctional behaviors, addictions, toxic relationships, and a host of other issues can be discovered and through careful processing, eliminated or positively altered. The Client has full control of the session at all times and is only encouraged, supported, empowered, and advised by the Therapist throughout the duration. The Alchemical process is an amazing journey straight to the root of the maladies, large or small, that can plague everyday life; this system is revolutionary and unparalleled in its efficacy and is the best choice for anyone suffering from an emotional, physical, or spiritual disturbance. 

Hypnosis + Alchemy  = The Future of Hypnotherapy

Alchemical Hypnotherapy utilizes the power of Internal Symbolic Alchemy during a safe, light state of trance and the interactive process between therapist and client generated therefrom to empower clientele to change aspects of their life with which they are displeased. Alchemists use the wonderful techniques of hypnotic suggestion, exciting Inner Journeys, and the ancient shamanic method of entranced spirit communication during interactive process to assist the client in accomplishing these feats. 

The Alchemical process, developed by world renowned hypnotherapist and teacher David Quigley, aligns clients with powerful inner resources in the form of Inner Guides or Archetypes. The Inner Guides discovered in-session are then used on a daily basis as a source of support, intuition, and strength to bolster the client's courage and integrity as they proceed to design and live the life they've always desired. Alchemy sessions serve to help clients alter their life from the inside out with amazing efficiency; oftentimes experiencing nothing short of a miracle in a matter of hours. Upon conclusion of the session, the client's new Inner Guides recruited during the process leave with them to see the external changes through to completion. Alchemy is practiced at home as much as it is in session, and all those who practice this ancient art are known as Alchemists. 

 To begin your journey out of the depths of leaden depression, anxiety, and fear and into the future of golden empowerment, abundance, and truth, enlist the power of one of our therapists today. Become a powerful Alchemist and learn to wield this ancient technology for yourself.


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Membership Specifics and Guidelines

  • Membership fees are $120 per year.

  • Payment due on January 1st of each year and an additional $10 per month is added for any overages.

  • Upon acceptance, recruits enter under “Apprentice" status for approximately 1 year. 

  • At the end of year 1, a review with Zane Wheeler and Laszlo Karafiath is conducted to assess member’s progress. If accepted, members graduate to assume the title of “Journeyman" for year 2. 

  • After year 2, another review is conducted, and upon acceptance, the “Journeyman” graduates to "Master Guildsmember” status. 

CGA Ranking:


Year 1


Year 2

Master Guildsmember

Year 3+

Membership Perks:

  • Admission to monthly meets and access to all info (marketing, referrals, private practice development, etc.) therein.

  • Access to “Member" CGA Logo .jpeg for use on private websites and marketing materials.

  • Access to the "CGA Presents: Alchemical Hypnotherapy" marketing video for use on private practice websites. (see above)

  • Biography and picture/advertisement for private practice added to CGA website to increase web visibility. (see here)

  • Private access to monthly CGA e-blasts.

  • Opportunity for speaking engagements/Advanced course teaching.

  • Wall certificate signifying Guild involvement.

  • "CGA Member" wallet card signifying member’s current status within the CGA.


CGA Rules:


•    Any and all Alchemical Hypnosis Practitioners with credentials awarded or recognized by David Quigley and the AIH are allowed to attend a single meeting to assess their possible participation in the Guild. Subsequently, a personal meeting with Co-Founders Zane Wheeler and Laszlo Karafiath will determine if recruit is accepted into the Guild. Criteria will be based on recruit’s attitude toward the Guild, availability, amount of enthusiasm toward expansion of the breadth and scope of Alchemy, and general ease of discourse/social interaction. We want to make sure everyone “clicks”. 

•    All Guild members must conduct themselves with the utmost grace and civility during meetings and while discoursing publicly with other Guild members. Any conflict outside of Guild meetings/gatherings can be brought to the attention of the founders, but resolution outside of the Guild is not a priority. We don’t engage in external drama.  

•    We are a collective of like-minded associates and Alchemical practitioners, and as such our image put forth to the world should be one of dignity and professionalism - at all times. 

•    Our Guild is our bond and we must be able to trust one another to succeed, any complaints about negative interpersonal conduct, attitude, violence or abuse, either verbal or physical, or conflict of any kind will not be tolerated and will most likely result in termination from the Guild. Apart from some extenuating circumstances, any infringement will be met with a zero tolerance policy. Membership fees will not be refunded. 

•    Participation and contribution to each meeting should be overt and demonstrative. We want all Guild members to be equal parts of a driving force, a balanced and outperforming Alchemical alembic.   

•    Attendance to at least 9 monthly meetings within each year of membership is mandatory. Any infringements could result in termination. Lenience will be granted when dealing with emergencies, illness, etc. 

•    The common vision of our Guild is one of specialization within the field of Alchemy. We encourage our members to gravitate toward a deep understanding of their own personal strengths as practitioners and should work to achieve mastery in these specialties, creating a refined professional identity as they grow. 

•    Have fun, feel the passion. We’re all here to help the world and the direction of the Guild should never reflect anything less. 

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