Below you will find a list of our accredited Alchemical Hypnosis Practices, their specialties, and locations.

        Zane Wheeler, CCHt SHP CH           Santa Rosa, CA


              Ascension Therapy for the Spiritual Seeker               Emotional Clearing for Childhood Trauma
 Kick the Habit with Smoking Cessation
  Relationship Reboot for Singles or Couples
  Somatic Healing for Pain, Injury, and Disease
  Recovery Assistance for Chemical Dependency

Past Life Regression Therapy




      B. Laszlo Karafiath, MBA, CHt CH        San Francisco, CA / Budapest, HU


Anxiety & Stress Cessation

Emotional Clearing

Cultural De-contamination

Change your work&life habits

Alchemical Dreamweaving

Solar-Lunar Balancing



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                 Sara Maitri, CHt CH                  Sacramento, CA


Inner Child
Emotional Clearing
Past Life Regression
  Recovery Assistance
Somatic Healing



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